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Yonyou Changjietong support small and medium-sized enterprises healthy growth plan

         Yonyou Changjietong recently launched the "Management diagnosis, smooth service" SME information full service express kicked off the management diagnosis service month activity,It marks that Yonyou Changjietong will further strengthen the national service guide station construction,We will fully support the continued implementation of the 2010 SME Healthy Growth Plan of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the continuous construction of the national public information service platform。

  Informatization helps small and medium-sized enterprises to improve the "happiness" index

  According to the annual plan,In 2010, Yonyou Changjietong Software Company will meet the urgent needs of transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises in China,Liaison and cooperation with local SME authorities will be further strengthened,Speed up the construction of auxiliary stations,By the end of the year, an information service network for small and medium-sized enterprises with nationwide coverage, professional service, standardized operation, good reputation and certain influence will be formed,To provide more small and medium-sized enterprises with fast and convenient information services。Up to now, 150 new counseling stations have been added, and 25 health growth physical examination training and certification tests have been successfully carried out, and 825 people have passed the newly certified physical examination。

  The Changjietong National 100 cities small and medium-sized enterprises management diagnosis service month activity is another big investment for Yonyou Changjietong to better promote the healthy growth plan of small and medium-sized enterprises and serve the information construction of small and medium-sized enterprises。Yonyou Changjietong and Dongfeng Motor (600006, stock) Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the first purchase of 100 Dongfeng Xiaokang, as a health guide station full service express。From August to September this year, Yonyou Changjietong will carry out small and medium-sized enterprise management diagnosis across the country to provide full service for small and medium-sized enterprises。

  Zheng Xin, deputy director of the Department of small and medium-sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, spoke highly of the activity, "Supporting the information construction of small and medium-sized enterprises through the establishment of information guide station is a new attempt and exploratory work.。The healthy growth plan of smes - Full service Express activity will launch a standard model of full service for smes informatization, in order to guide the station to provide smes with more close to the needs and more targeted services。”

  Zeng Zhiyong, general manager of Yonyou Changjietong, said that Changjietong has always advocated the development of small and medium-sized enterprises to happy enterprises。The first is to be committed to management, product, technology and business model innovation;The second is to promote efficiency,Including efficiency and effectiveness;The second is to pay attention to environmental protection and low carbon,Promote sustainable development;Finally, it should bear social responsibilities such as employment and taxation,We hope to help small and medium-sized enterprises grow healthily and happily through the whole service express activity。

  To provide one-stop information services for small and medium-sized enterprises

  2009年,As the only technical support unit of the SME healthy growth plan of the SME Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,Yonyou Changjietong undertook in-depth research and physical examination of the operating conditions of 72 cities, more than 30 industries, and nearly 100,000 small and medium-sized enterprises,125 small and medium-sized enterprises have been set up in various parts of the country。

  By helping small and medium-sized enterprises to improve the application level of information technology, Yonyou Changjietong has reached the goal of driving the successful transformation and sustainable development of enterprises。For example, one of the largest production suppliers of traffic safety facilities in southwest China is located in an industry with low added value and low profits, and in order to increase production, it is necessary to reduce the internal management costs of enterprises。If the internal management costs of the enterprise are not reduced, the long-term goal of the enterprise's expected output of several hundred million yuan cannot be achieved with the sharp investment vision of the leadership alone。Through the management diagnosis of the enterprise through the service guide station in Southwest China, Yonyou Changjietong provides the information solution for the company。The company actively implements management software to control enterprise costs with the help of information technology, help enterprises manage complex business, improve internal management efficiency, strengthen customer management and prevent customer loss, and increase industrial promotion efforts while expanding the sales area。

  Another example, an enterprise that mainly produces and operates various types of paint tools has three major categories of products, more than 2,000 kinds of specifications and models, about 5,000 kinds of semi-finished products, more than 8,000 kinds of materials, and 80% of products are exported。In the financial crisis, export-oriented enterprises have been greatly affected。After careful consideration, the company decided to expand the scale of external, while maintaining the foreign market to explore the domestic market;Improve internal management and develop new varieties。However, for more than 8,000 varieties and more than 10 books, the financial accounting workload is seriously overloaded, and external temporary workers are often needed to help with bookkeeping, and monthly cost accounting is also difficult。After the management diagnosis of the current situation of enterprise operation, Yonyou Changjietong puts forward the information solution as the booster of its development。At present, each business department can quickly respond to each business on the management software platform, which breaks the information island and realizes the business information sharing among departments。

  Many small and medium-sized enterprises passed the health examination,The successful experience of eliminating the management sub-health state by means of information technology shows that,Yonyou Changjietong covers the whole country of small and medium-sized enterprise information assistance station through face-to-face interaction with enterprises,Medical examination, training, consultation and service for small and medium-sized enterprises,For small and medium-sized enterprises to provide management diagnosis, full service, smooth service,Effectively help small and medium-sized enterprises to improve the level of management,Deepen the application of information technology,Enhance the competitiveness of enterprises,Accelerated development has been achieved。

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