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Finance E Age - 8 hours after freedom

Many managers who are busy with business may have such an experience: just off the plane, the customer calls to urge the goods。Traveling, may not be able to know the latest company operations in time, often is in urgent need of a data, the people are anxious。The introduction of UF series business software solves this problem。It not only brings a simple and easy to learn, scientific and professional financial management model for enterprises, it is commendable that even if thousands of miles away from home, business managers can also plan for the company's business。

Guangxi Yuren Trading Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiaries of Shanghai Yuren (International)。Based on large shopping malls, the company focuses on the integration, dissemination and promotion of imports (cosmetics, daily necessities, food, wine, health care products, fashion products);To "let customers live more leisure, more happy" for the purpose of the enterprise。In line with the development of Guangxi market, the establishment of Guangxi company development goals, Guangxi Yuren trade in recent years has laid a broad market in Guangxi。As the company continues to strengthen its investment and terminal retail development in Guangxi, Yuren's business scope is expanding。

It is reported that due to the special management mode of wholesale and retail industry, the manager of Guangxi Yuren trading company and marketing and sales personnel at all levels often have to go out to negotiate business。According to the traditional management method, when the manager is on a business trip, it is impossible to personally check the company's sales inventory, not to mention the first time to manage the company's employees and finances。When the data is needed, contact is made by phone and fax, but the business trip is often not within 8 hours of work, and often when a data is urgently needed, the phone is returned to the company, and no one answers after work。

In March 2010, Manager Sun of Guangxi Yuren Trading Co., Ltd. was introduced to use UF T series financial business software and remote access services。Today, Manager Sun, who is often on business trips, no matter when he receives a call from his boss or a customer, he only needs to click on the UFida software, and can easily log in to the company's server through the account password in the remote location, and understand the financial and inventory data related to the company's business account for the first time。Manager Sun expressed satisfaction with the "freedom" and "ease" brought by UF software。

Mr. Huang Chaowen of Nanning Tongguang Software Co., Ltd. described the characteristics of software information sharing, figuratively: "Just like a virtual website background"。The company boss controls the super management power of this "website" system, and the tasks of various departments, such as personnel, administration, and finance, are divided into "channel" modules to set up authority management。Each department staff is equivalent to an editor of the "website" and is only responsible for "updating" the data of its own "channel"。Each department can cross-check the business situation of other departments in the "administrator" release "permission", sitting in front of the computer can achieve departmental work linkage。Managers as "super administrators",Just sit on a computer screen,Gently click the mouse to refresh,How the company operates up and down,Such as import and shipment, inventory situation,The system automatically generates daily and monthly financial statements,Data graphs are clear;Even the day-to-day personnel management of employees,Such as workload and content,Who sells how much goods,Who enters which module for editing operations,All at a glance。"Even if it is a business trip, it is not afraid, UFida software is' online '" Mr. Huang replied with a smile。Through Yonyou Remote Pass, users can enter the company's server in any networked computer through the password and corresponding permissions for real-time query。

When asked how to make the software safe to use,Mr. Huang Chaowen introduced,"Uf software supports end-to-end (site-to-site IPSec VPN and end-to-end SOCKS5 VPN encryption algorithm) access,Rich access authentication and application-level access control,It's like a bank U-shield,Customers can safely and confidently consult operations anytime, anywhere。”

With the help of Yonyou T series software, Yuren business introduces the working mode of the E era to enterprises, and realizes the centralized management of enterprise business and remote connection, which is convenient, stable, safe and fast!
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